Let’s Tweet Old School Annotated Bibliographies!


We will use Twitter to launch and share our “annotated bibliography” with other “connected” experts. Each student will do two specific steps: (1) create a tweet about an Internet resource and (2) find a professor or scholar to follow. Also remember how one can earn an extra credit point if the tweet is Re-tweeted or marked as a favorite. Interestingly, the first three tweets have earned this distinction.

Instructions for step 1. The first phase of constructing a “tweet” will be to follow the MLA standards for creating a formal annotated bibliography entry. Instead of annotated (evaluating) a book, you will be evaluating an Internet link. Again, a link can be an internet address of an article, online source, piece of media, primary source from a library, etc, that you found as a meaningful source on learning something new about the Underground Railroad in your area or Connecticut. See here for a model of an annotated bibliography. Reflect on how you can assess the value of your source by following this model: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/

We will then turn your formal annotated link into a compelling Tweet that incorporates other key players as well as (#)hash tags. Do you see how we will employ higher order thinking skills to convey your assessment in an entertaining way for Twitter?

Before composing your Tweet, read this blog post to learn how to create a compelling tweet. Composing a good tweet is a writing skill that I want us to develop. This is a 21st century English classroom. So, though some of the content on this blog post is silly, follow the good advice about writing and try to develop your own voice. Needless to say, if you find a better post that explains how to compose an excellent tweet, please add the link in the comment thread below. https://business.twitter.com/write-good-tweets

Step 2: research the schools on your college list, and try to find a museum, historian or historical society that  has a twitter account. College professors are using Twitter more these days. Or simply search and find another scholar who is tweeting about the Underground Railroad.

Below are some links to articles about professors using Twitter. I will go to https://twitter.com/The_Wit_of_Will and tweet some more articles about this trend.



Source: The above image was copied from this article: http://thejournal.com/articles/2013/09/23/13-twitter-chats-for-educators.aspx


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