Beginning of the Suffield Underground Railroad

螢幕快照 2015-12-15 上午8.42.19.pngIn the first week of American Studies, we explored different important character involved in the historical events that happened in Suffield is “the potential Underground Railroad” we research in great depth independently with different important character involved. The Underground railroad was routes in the 19th-century for fugitive slave who wanted freedom to escape to Canada or other free states. The character I chose is Reverend Hemingway, a person who had a great influence in this event. He was the one who asked John Hooker to help him look up some evidence in an important slave case in Virginia. In 1845 Reverend Hemingway and Hooker formed a partnership to sue four Virginia slave owners so that Flora’s descendants could be freed. The two daughters of Flora were free women, but they were kidnapped somewhere in Connecticut and, thus, the eventual suit laid claim to for their and their children freedom. Hemingway and Hooker made Flora release from her slave owner and started the plan of the underground railroad. Hemingway’s most important and clearly active part in his pursuit to abolish slavery and bring about a more democratic society.

Although Mr. Hemingway’s was stationed in Suffield and was clearly active in his pursuit to abolish slavery and bring about a more democratic society, it is not clear if his passion in ending the slave institution stemmed in Suffield. If his passion did in fact stem from within Suffield, it could perhaps indicate a strong anti-slavery society in Suffield. If that happens to be the case at hand, we could perhaps discover other people with like intentions and perhaps draw vague connections and discover evidence that Suffield was involved or establish in the Underground Railroad in Suffield.

I think that we need to know more about the entire historical event about Underground railroad and things about Flora. My source didn’t include any thing about Flora’s case, so I think I should have a better understand with this part. In my understanding, Reverend Hemingway’s only important part is he is one of the establisher of the Suffield Underground Railroad, but I think he should be a more important role in this historical event. Therefore maybe I can get more understanding from Friday’s field trip by finding out where is his school actually is.


“Some Reminiscences of a Long Life.” Google Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2015.


5 thoughts on “Beginning of the Suffield Underground Railroad

  1. hykshannon

    There is a strong link depicted between Reverend Hemingway and the whole theme of UGRR. What other skills do you plan to prove Hemingway’s importance with Flora’s Slave Case other than the field trip? In addition, I think you should work more on grammar to make your sentences clearer.


  2. cxcoco

    Good summery about the information you have obtained in the research. But what skills do you learn during the process and which skills do we acquire? I think it may be better to add more information about how do you want to lead us to the further research of Hemenway and through which direction or methods.


  3. frankwxxxx

    Great overlook of the content of our research so far. Can you be more specific about the direction of your research? You should focus on what skill we should learn and develop to help our investigation in the future.


  4. 16jk

    Good job that you provided specific information about Revered Hemingway.
    How can you search for the information about Flora?
    It would be better if you include more guidelines for the future.



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