The Undiscovered Path


As we are nearing the end of our first full week of learning about the Underground Railroad there are still many questions left unanswered. As a class we must look forward to what is to come in the next weeks of the winter term. There are so many possible connections through New England to the slave escape exchange that finding evidence is so easy. Looking into the Hemenway School and uncovering the potential link with people along the railroad is going to be something that is key to our investigation. Although, I think that we should focus on breaking down the evidence we have now before moving on to further sources. Earlier this week I found an article relating to a black man named Henry Foster. A member of the Faith Congregation in Hartford, CT and a tailor at the time, Foster helped aid of many slaves in their escape North. I believe that it is important to explore the Foster as well as the Church because Hartford was a major city at the time. The slave that we are tracking (INSERT) even took the ferry down the Connecticut River from Hartford. As a hub for industry and transportation, Hartford was the perfect place for abolitionists to take action and aid in the escape of thousands of slaves from captivity. As a class and as a team we should launch into looking back into records kept by storeowners in Hartford relating to slaves and their surreptitious transportation. We can check library logs to see ticketing information for ferry’s coming through Harford as well as church bulletins. The next step in our research will require extreme comprehension of documents related to the individuals involved in the 20th regiment. As well, we should be getting out in the field like we will be tomorrow. Taking pictures and documenting raw evidence around Connecticut that has to do with our research will further our knowledge and help our study. Many of the cites around Suffield are not photographed online and are not studied in great detail, this gives our class a great opportunity to explore and investigate what it was actually like back in Ruggles’ day. As we begin to look at Hemenway’s school it is important to question the possibility that he aided in the education of escaped slaves at his small boarding school in Suffield. Could Hemenway have been associated with the Faith Church or other Abolitionists along the Underground Railroad and how does our (INSERT) fit into the untold story of the Underground Railroad in New England? These are just a couple of the many questions we should hope to strive towards answering through our research in the field and in the classroom. With technological and hands on skills, I am confident that our class can find some answers to the mysterious and undivulged story of New Englands Underground Railroad

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6 thoughts on “The Undiscovered Path

  1. hykshannon

    Lots of suggestions given to perform hands-on work with our research. How will the action of taking photos help with finding evidences? I think you can add more on Henry Foster.


  2. cxcoco

    The steps of how to direct our research are really well-organized and specific. But how can we find more information about the Hemenway’s school since we’ve already gone to there but didn’t have any significant discovery? I think you can tell more about why the school is important and the origin of it.


  3. 16jk

    I like the idea of searching for “records kept by storeowners in Hartford relating to slaves and their surreptitious transportation.”
    How should we explore cites around Suffield?
    You would need to include the importance of Hemenway’s school.


  4. frankwxxxx

    Good directions and instructions for how the further research should be. However, is there any more other evidence that point to the case that contain information about places related to Hemenway school that we can investigate? You should invest more time into side informations that relate to Hemenway school since we found difficult to find evidence at the site.


  5. vicky19970601

    Gave us clear direction of what we are going to do next for our research. I think you can explain more on how can Hemingway’s school help us on our project?



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