Research Update: Flow Chart of Flora’s Descendants

In my class, each student had to pick the topic they wanted to research and share what they have found to other classmates. I chose to make a flow chart of Flora’s descendants because it is important to display the specific information of descendants to understand more easily about law court cases. In addition, since most of the people are visual learners, the flow chart will help them know the story well and connect to the court issues. After Flora began to sue her illegal owner, her children and grandchildren had court battles against Virginia slave owners, such as Charlton’s heirs and family member swho had either been given or sold members of Flora’s family. However, I could not complete the flow chart because although I found many names of descendants, none of the sources stated the particular information of each descendants. The descendants’ names are: Andrew, Reuben, Julius, William, Helen, Mary, Tarlton, Matilda, James, and Flora / Rhoda Ann, Phyllis, William, Henry, Mary, Tarlton, Matilda, Flora and James (both are from other sources). At least I know that Cena/Caeana and Rose (later called Unis) are Flora’s daughters, and Andrew is Flora’s grandson. Nonetheless, I do not know if Andrew is Cena’s or Unis’s son.

Fortunately, I found some other information that I was curious about during this research. Flora was a slave before her marriage with Exeter but became a free woman after the marriage; hence, it is justifiable for Flora to fight against her owners. Flora and Exeter had three children (one of them (son, I guess) was not kidnapped). Unis and Cena had a same owner, Jacob Lawrence, while Flora was sold to different owner, James Stephens.

In the future, I need to put more effort to complete the flow chart. Even though I found some multiple names of people who are blood-related to Flora, I could not find the detailed relationship among them. Therefore, we need to search for other sources or try to find out the specific legal battles, or send email to ask a question to a reliable institute, such as Library of Virginia.

5 thoughts on “Research Update: Flow Chart of Flora’s Descendants

  1. cxcoco

    Good effort and patience to find information about Flora. What if you cannot find further detail about Flora’s descendent, which direction will you go? It’ better to add how and where do you find the unexpected information about Flora.


  2. hykshannon

    you have chosen an interesting while challenging topic, which makes your research a fun one. what do you plan to do if the listed ways ended up on bringing you to know more about flora’s descendent? I think it will be better if you can organize the few sentences relating to the relationships of her offsprings as I got a little bit off track reading them.


  3. frankwxxxx

    It is very difficult to start a such different and new topic compare to everyone else, and you have done a great job interpreting it. Can the information in the census lead to something else? You should make more connections between the information you found about Flora.



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