Extended Research: Exeter v. Hanchett Court Case


After getting the big picture of our research, we started to focus on different tiny parts of details. We utilized the source Love of Freedom by Catherine Adams. I discovered something very useful and largely related to the project from the footnotes: a book named Seventeen Eighty-Three: The Turning Point in the Law of Slavery and Freedom in Massachusetts by Emily Blanck. Blanck guided us through the change in slavery law mainly in the state of Massachusetts during the late 18th century. More importantly, Blanck used Flora’s trial as one of the three major historical events in supporting her book’s thesis. After analyzing the booking, I found that Blanck gave us a clearer image on how exactly Flora’s case was like, from Exeter’s perspective and the responses of both lawyers. For example, she described the process of how Exeter and Flora married as “servants” when ruled by Benjamin Scott and both remained enslaved. While Exeter was set free before, and that became the main supporting evidence to the court case- Flora should be Exeter’s property under their marriage. In conclusion, Hanchett was only found guilty for stealing the couple’s personal items but not for kidnapping Flora. Other than that, Blanck left some clues for us to solve as well, which include if the Supreme Court did inappropriately infringe upon the property rights of a Connecticut slaverowner (42) or not and to find out the actual copies of documents filed in the appeals of the trials (39). I see that a lot more things were being solved from this document and it helped us take a big step forward towards solving our mystery.


Seventeen Eighty-Three: The Turning Point in the Law of Slavery and Freedom in Massachusetts, Emily Blanck, http://www.jstor.org/stable/1559880?seq=15#page_scan_tab_contents

4 thoughts on “Extended Research: Exeter v. Hanchett Court Case

  1. cxcoco

    You found a really useful book! What else are discovered in the book other than Hanchett’s guilt? You can talk about the next step of our research as a class after we discover the information from the book; do we stick to the relationship among Flora, Exeter and Hanchett or something else?


  2. vicky19970601

    Very helpful book for our project. Can we use the other two historical events in supporting her book’s thesis to help our project?


  3. frankwxxxx

    Great effort and progress from finding the book and proved its usage regard to our project. Is there more events related to Hanchett other than the case you can investigate in? Make the purpose of searching certain information in the book more precise would be helpful.



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