Bringing change to a community


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.42.54 AMWhile doing more research on the Faith Congregational Church, I have come to realize that this church had more meaning to it than blacks not being able to praise and worship within the benches down below. As stated before, in 1819, a group of African Americans in Hartford grew weary of being assigned seats in the galleries and in the rear of churches and decided to begin worshipping on their own in the conference room of the First Church of Christ, now Center Church, in Hartford. This would become the first black Congregational Church in Connecticut, the third oldest in the nation. The congregation moved its services to a building on State Street in 1820. That same year, the congregation established itself as The African American Religious Society of Hartford and resolved to build a house of worship where all would be welcome and no one would have assigned seating. In 1826 the congregation purchased property at the corner of Talcott and Market streets, where they built a stone-and-brick church. This church became a huge part of Hartford’s black community and a place where all of the individuals who did not believe in slavery could meet and gather together. After that, members of the church realized that they needed an education for them to be able to prosper. They decided to establish a district school.


5 thoughts on “Bringing change to a community

  1. barrett914

    I like how you included a picture graphic of vote results, I think that the post gives the reader a good idea of why African Americans at this time would want to create their own church. I also think that you could have Included more specific names (i.e. what was the name of the district school)/


  2. cxcoco

    Good background information about the church. How is the church you found related to our research? It will be better if you can add in some specific examples, such that who received help from that church.


  3. frankwxxxx

    Very rich information on the church itself and its history. Can you make more connection between the church and our research? If you can make more relations between informations and assets we have, that will be great.


  4. hykshannon

    Very informational and I got a clearer understanding regarding to this church. What skills are you going to apply to explore more on this piece onwards? It would be better if you can bring out the significance of relationship of the church and Flora’s case.


  5. vicky19970601

    Great information for us to have a better understanding about the church. What can we do to find more things about it? It would be better if you can tell us things more about this church and its relationship with our project.



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