#CTuntold Now We’re Starting Something

twitter-and-higher-order-thinking-skillsWe struck #PBL gold the other day in class when we were analyzing Jules’ good tweet to the Library of Virginia. She, like all of you, understood well the dimensions of our tweets that allow us to communicate, curate, and network information at the same time. The class’ first batch of tweets connected well with other sources, such as the Massachusetts’ Historical Society. So when we find important moments in our research, such as the opening puzzle pieces that Vicky found in the Hanchett family tree. The moment of gold occurred when Barrett realized reflected on the tweet from the librarian of the State Library of Virginia; his suggestion to modify the #VAuntold to our own #CTuntold was brilliant. Using #CTutold will help us commemorate breakthroughs in our research, such as discovering more information about Hanchett’s frustrating war experience or perhaps the moment we have an image of Flora and Exeter’s marriage certificate. Hopefully, too, other historians of Connecticut history will follow our research narrative, and over time become more curious enough to attend our public program on April 19th. Likewise, someone discovering our research adventures weeks from now will be able to click on the #CTuntold and find a chronological order of when and how we discovered key parts of our story. Here’s to more #CTuntold moments ahead!

Source: http://langwitches.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/twitter-and-higher-order-thinking-skills.jpg



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