Oliver Hanchett’s Letter Requesting Payment

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.19.24 PMHere is an image of a letter that Oliver Hanchett wrote in July of 1778. Hanchett was a Captain in Colonel Wyllis’s Regiment in 1775. He marched with his company from Roxbury Massachusetts to Quebec under Colonel Arnold. In storming the city he was taken prisoner on 31 December 1775 and was paroled. He did not receive pay and wages or rations while paroled. Here he asks how he can be reimbursed for these things as well as the thousand dollars he spent during the expedition.

The transcription on the letter is as follows:

Suffield July 12th 1788

I was a Capt in Col. Wyillis Reg.T in 1775 and marched with my Company from Roxbury near Boston to Quebec under the Command of Col. Arnold and in Storming the City I was taken prisoner the 31st of December 1775 and was paroled and while on parole I did not receive any pay for Wages nor Rations if Sir there be anything coming to me I hope Sir you will inform W. Hent the Bearer of this, what would be my duty to obtain my right. I have given W. Hent an order to recieve my notes.
[undecipherable] Am [undeciphrable]

John pierce Sig_r Oliver Hanchett

Source: http://wardepartmentpapers.org/document.php?id=3105


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