Further Investigation on Hanchett

As a class, we have found much information about Oliver Hanchett, about his family, his archives, and the case they fought for to in order to get Flora back. Our initial investigation started with an evil portrait of this man in our minds since everything we read about him was negative and he was fighting for a slavery case in the North at the time that we learn the Northern states to be “free”. Even though we brought the negative feelings about him into our researches, we started to realize that he has done much positive and just things in the past. For example, he served as a Captain in the Revolutionary Army, and a police officer after his military career. These are all positive characters of his career; therefore, there was something happened that dragged him to be an evil person judged by historical viewpoint that tried to fight back a slave during the abolition period, or it was because we learned the history from the biased point of view and put this evil tag on him? Only further investigation with the aid of CT State Library about Oliver Hanchett’s life can connect all these things together. We simply cannot make a judgement based on the information we have now. Whether the history point of view was biased or not, one thing tends to be very clear – Flora is a very important slave for him, or there is something Flora held very important for him. Since he hired the best lawyer at the time – Theodore Sedgwick to fight the case over state court. The cost of hiring the best lawyer in the area is ultrahigh due to scarcity of this man’s skill on the court. On top of that, the lawyer himself is an abolition-minded lawyer, which indicates either Hanchett payed even higher price for him to fight the case, or there are something else that’s untold without having slavery involved about this case. It is far too early to draw a conclusion on investigation on Hanchett since I regard as him the most significant figure in this case.


One thought on “Further Investigation on Hanchett

  1. tahj56

    Great job using both negative and positive things that Oliver has done for others. You are right about us focusing more on the negatives! Why do you believe he’s the most significant figure? Explain a little more about that.



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