Actual Location of UGRR in Suffield


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After few weeks of searching and discovering our main characters about Flora’s kidnapping case, now is time for us to have a better understanding about where is the actual location of Suffield on UGRR map.

Fugitive slaves entered Connecticut at a number of points. Some passed through the state by way of Stamford, New Haven or Old Lyme, often traveling on to Farmington, the “Grand Central Station” in Connecticut. From there, they headed north to Westfield or Springfield, Massachusetts. Some traveled to Springfield by way of Middletown, Hartford and other communities along the Connecticut River. Those who passed through the state by way of New London or Westerly, Rhode Island, went north to Norwich and Putnam, and then to Worcester, Massachusetts. A western Connecticut route included Waterbury, New Milford, Washington, Torrington, Winchester and Winsted. Slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad would sometimes choose to settle in communities along the way. There’re some examples of these communities on the Freedom Trail, include “Little Liberia” in Bridgeport, Jail Hill in Norwich and the William Winters Neighborhood in Deep River.

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Little Liberia is the houses of the African American community are delineated by the absence of their owners’ names. It used to be called as “The Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses”, it’s historic residences at 352-4 and 358-60 Main street in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Jail Hill Historic District is located in Norwich, Connecticut. The district consists of 74 buildings and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 19, 1999.

So maybe our class can visit there and get more specific information about those place.



2 thoughts on “Actual Location of UGRR in Suffield

  1. cxcoco

    Great map showing the routes of the UGRR. You should add more information about how we can further search in your direction. Which way do you think we should dig in first to make our research more efficient? either through specific spots for the runaway slaves or in a bigger scale?


  2. frankwxxxx

    Very solid information and educational case on the map and routes of the UGRR in Connecticut. Can you add more clues about our further investigation into this case please? You should make more connections between this case and our research.



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