Flora’s Life with Scott

Based on the statements of people who knew Flora before, it is likely that Flora was a slave before her marriage and freed after the marriage. In 1770s, she legally married with Exeter in Southwick, MA, but they lived separately. Exeter lived in Southwick, MA, and Flora lived in Suffield, CT. Flora was also a servant to Benjamin Scott. According to the document written by Hannah King, “I have ever lived in the town of Suffield and with in 1 mile of Benjamin Scott the resident of Benjamin Scott decided that Flora, a negro woman lives in a family ?aia [unknown text] Scott  several years and attended Church at that Suffield with his (Scott family) during the time of Rev. John Graham’s ministry in a West Suffield and that she left  the family of ?aia [unknown text] Scott a free woman and not a slave as I understand at the time. and that afterwards Flora and her children” (https://caisctpbl.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/transcription/). I have also read the depositions of a few people (Sarah Nelson, Silence Remington, Abraham Rising, and Bela Spencer) who have known Flora and Scott before. People mentioned that Flora was living at Benjamin Scott’s. Flora was a slave (many stated that she belonged to Scott), but Exeter was a free man even before the marriage to Flora. Flora was probably freed from Scott. Some people heard that he made her free, which is a common report at that time. When Scott moved to Balndford, Massachusetts, Scott gave Flora her time, and she went to Hanchett’s and lived there as hired servant or slave for a year or two. However, one said that Flora lived with her master, Scott, in Suffield, and one does not know that she ever lived with Exeter, but Flora was back and forth frequently, until her master thought she was up there too much and sold her to Captain Hanchett. In addition, according to the source from the Library of Virginia, in 1781, Scott sold Flora to Oliver Hanchett for 30 pounds, but Flora resisted and ran away. I cannot find out the specific information of Flora and Scott because of lack of materials. What I need to find out is the relationship between Scott and Flora and how Flora worked in Scott’s house. We are not sure that Scott freed Flora or sold her to Hanchett.

There is another part of our mystery of Flora’s possible son. Flora had a son (we do not know his name), and Scott let her take care of him when he was two or three months old. Then Scott told Exeter that if he would give him a boy, he would take care of the boy, but if he would not, he must take it away, so Exeter took the boy away and hired Aunt betty to keep him a year. After that, Exeter hired somebody in Feeding Hills, which is in Massachusetts, to keep his son.


4 thoughts on “Flora’s Life with Scott

  1. hykshannon

    that’s a lot more helpful information despite the little recognition of flora. what do you plan to do in order to find out the truth of flora’s slavery history? I find the “?aia [unknown text” phrases a bit hard to follow, is it an error? if yes, you might want to fix that


  2. LSTC

    I think your research of Flora’s life with Scott is clearly written, but there are still some mysteries between Flora and Scott. Your entry makes me want to read more about Flora and Exeter. Did Scott really sell Flora to Hanchett? Why did Flora and Exeter live separately? Did you ever find out more about the relationship between Scott and Flora?


  3. Best JG mh

    I like your blog, you put enough information and different opinions together and it gives me different views of this story. I have two follow-up questions. What jobs did Flora do at Scott’s house? And what was her life like?



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