Florence and David Ruggles – The Connection to UGRR


David Rugg;es

After reading various online source, I learned that David Ruggles lived as a legend in the UGRR movements without being reported in our history book. The fact that he sued the railroad company at the time when racism filled the culture and when most people would not help him, nevertheless he sustained a sense and reason of being right or wrong. Although he has lost the case, his actions give us an indication of the courage with which he lived his life. Before David Ruggles build up his connection with the utopian community in today’s Florence, he lived in New York City where he opened the nation’s first African-American bookstore. He tends to be the savior of many African American slaves to acquire their freedom, theses people include Frederick Douglass. Regard to his actions so far, what he has done was significant and his determination as a abolitionist is unshakable. His courage for an abolitionism and made him stand at the front line of UGRR to bring freedom to fugitive Africans was significant since he had operated before the Civil War and therefore slavery was a serious deal and he could got into trouble, even death by doing so. After David Ruggles, a guy named Basil Dorsey as a escaped slave, joined the Florence community from escaping his way out of Maryland, helped develop the UGRR and further more extended what David Ruggles didn’t have time and energy to achieve due to his injury to his body and eyes, which he experienced while protesting UGRRs.





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