What is Captain Jonathan Buttolph’s Relation with Oliver Hanchett?

I discovered these ads in the special Early American Newspaper digital collection at the State Library. The class is now trying to figure out what these two colonial newspaper ads suggest about the relationship between Captain Oliver Hanchett of West Suffield and Captain Jonathan Buttolph of Granby. After some Internet research, we learned that the local paper of Granby, The Granby Drummer, found these ads and posted them on their blog, yet there was no historical commentary to shed light on what was the conflict that began this conversation in the newspaper in the first place. Can anyone shed light on this? Has anyone observed the phrase, “levied an execution on my body” before in print? We would appreciate your insights.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.26.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.27.15 PM.png

We also found that the Granby Historical Society wrote about it on their blog. http://www.granbydrummer.com/history/historic-footnotes2

The following information below is from a genealogical page about the Buttolph lineage.

140.Jonathan6 Buttolph (JONATHAN5, JONATHAN4, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born November 10, 1747.He married Lois Viets 1768 in Resided in North Granby, CT, daughter of JOHN VIETS and LOIS PHELPS.She was born January 29, 1745/46.
More About Jonathan Buttolph:
Name 2: Jonathan (Buttles) Buttolph
Fact 1: Lived in North Granby, CT.

Children of Jonathan Buttolph and Lois Viets are:

402 i. Lois7 Buttolph, born Bet. 1769 – 1771; died January 17, 1775 in age 5.
More About Lois Buttolph:
Burial: Lee Cemetery, North Granby
+ 403 ii. Annis (Agnes) Buttles, born 1773 in or September 29, 1771 in Granby, Hartford County, CT; died 1852 in or January 11, 1853 in Mt. Vernon.
404 iii. Elihu Buttles, born Abt. 1775; died in Orwell, Bradford County, PA.
More About Elihu Buttles:
Fact 1: Resided in Orwell, Bradford County, PA
405 iv. Jonathan Buttles, Jr, born June 09, 1778 in Granby, Hartford County, CT; died September 15, 1851 in Lee, MA.He married Lucy Whitney November 28, 1798 in East Granville, MA; born May 01, 1779 in Simsbury, Hartford County, CT; died November 05, 1848 in North Lee, MA.
+ 406 v. Lois Buttles, born March 18, 1782 in Granby, Hartford County, CT; died August 19, 1875 in Montville, OH.

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