Collaborative Skills


After the successful presentation in Suffield History Society, our class started to work on other important projects. We began to make Wikipedia pages for some individuals who do not have any recorded history: John Hooker, Henry Foster, and Daniel Hemenway, but also make a Google Tour Builder document, so that people can make a clear connection between our presentation and the locations. I thought that it was easy to put location for each information we had, but I was not 100% sure that each information’s related location, and some information’s location is ambiguous, so I struggled for a bit. Fortunately, there was an other student working on this, so he could do that, and I switched my duty. I had to research on Daniel Hemenway and write about his biographic information. However, I realized that Hemenway is not a well-known person like Malcolm X or Mahatma Gandi, so discovering historical facts about him was challenging. Although I did find some information about Hemenway on Google, it would be a good idea to find more details about him outside of internet sources due to the lack of recognition of Hemenway. Therefore, I would need to email to the Historical Society to know more about Hemenway.


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