HOT LOG Reflection

blog_pbtp_gspbl-300x300Even after the presentation, which I imagined would be our culmination, we have kept strong and continued to push on as a class to further our case for the underground railroad in CT. If there is anything valuable to be learned about this academic adventure that we embarked on, it is that there is always something to find and uncover. We have faced this multiple times as we reached dead ends and had to look in different sources and mediums. As we dive even deeper into our project passed learning study, we are finding more about our original Underground Railroad activists. Along the way we have also stumbled upon some side note about individuals who might give us clues to understanding the bigger picture of abolitionists in New England. While studying these abolitionists’ lives, there have been several people embodied with a certain characteristic that I’ve been studying in previous hot logs. The rebellious, defiant, well-educated and thirsty for justice abolitionists made a huge impact on the time and the African-Americans with whom they collaborated. As we are making Wikipedia pages and connecting all of our members of the UGGR together, we are slowly beginning to see the bigger picture and interconnected network that truly existed. Looking forward to the last two weeks of the term, I think it will be very important to wrap up any loose ends that may be remaining and also make final connections in our work so that classes in the future can start where we left off or take the information that we have found and use it to forward a different PBL excursion. On a side note I have personally enjoyed this style of class very much as opposed to other English classes, and I think that all the information learned through these two terms will remain engrained in my memory forever.


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