How Hard it is to create a Wikipedia page for a total beginner?

After we finished our presentation about the Suffield Underground Railroad and other Railroad, we start to began to spread important information we gathered with our research on the internet to let more people can get it in a faster and more convenient way in the future. We began with a Wikipedia page about John Hooker, and Coco and Frank arranged information we knew before; Shannon and I were responsible for learning technologies steps and edit its code.

The hardest part of creating a new Wikipedia page is not editing by an existing page like normal Wikipedia page we saw, and what you need to do with it is just fill in those blocks with information you get. However, actually we need to write codes for our page. I have never had this kind of experience before, what I did was just copy the format of other Wikipedia and see whether it can show the effect we want.

Create a Wikipedia page is really challenging, but this led to learning many skills about edit a Wikipedia page. For example, it we wanted to add a link at the bottom of the page, we had to add the code {* [(site of the website)/ (name of the website we want to show)]}. Another type of code is when the user wants to add a new category on the bottom the page, by typing {[[Category:(category it have on Wikipedia)]]}.

Create a new Wikipedia page it really difficult and now our first draft had been declined because we didn’t have enough resources to support our information, thus, we still have a long way to go. This week we need to add more references and some more information into our page. Adding references is a much more complicated editing work compared with things we did last week, so I hope we can finish edit this part successfully.


[Steps for how to create and edit a new Wikipedia page?]

Use John Hooker as example

  • Create a new account on Wikipedia and get into the page of “Article wizard
  • Decide a title for the Wikipedia page, and it should be very specific.
  • Once the edit page appears, you can start to add you content.
  • At the beginning of the article, we need to start with the title of the page, aka, the main character/object for this Wikipedia page, and then add the article title between two ‘’’. For example, ‘’’John Hooker’’’. This code can make text a hyperlink, if in the article there are things we can connect with another Wikipedia page, we also need to add this code on it.
  • Then copy and paste the article you already have. If you need new block or want to separate each section, add “====” on each side of the subtitle. For example, ====Charter Oak Newspaper (1838)====.
  • For the reference section, you don’t really need to type any code there. What will show on reference is the footnote on the article above, so on the place we want to add a footnote, just add <ref>(MLA format footnote with author, article name, publisher and date)</ref>. For example, if this internet link is going to use as a footnote in a Wikipedia page, the footnote will look like this: <ref>Vicky Chen, How Hard it is to create a Wikipedia page for a total beginner? CAISCT PBL Blog for Collaborative Learning, 2016,X,X</ref>
  • Another way of adding a reference/footnote, if we use the same source in different place, we will put <ref name=(the name)> instead of <ref>
  • If we want to add a hyperlink to connect with the online resource as our reference/footnote, we can use the third way of making footnote. <ref>{{cite web|title=(title namel)|url=(site)|publisher=(how published it or the wesites’ name)}</ref>. For example, if we want to sitesome thing about the Nook Farm in my John Hooker Wikipedia page, I can just type <ref>{{cite web|title=Hooker House, 1853|url=|publisher=Harriet Beecher Stowe Center}}</ref> at the end of the article about Nook Farm.
  • If you want to add some useful link but it didn’t have connections with the article above, we can add it to external links. The format of external links will be * [(site)/ (name of the site)].
  • So that people could see our Wikipedia page, we should add categories for it. Actually we don’t really know what categories we have on Wikipedia, so what I will do is to search some Wikipedia pages which is similar to our topic and see what categories they are in. The format of adding category look like [[Category:(name of the category)]]. For example, in our John Hooker page, there’s a category of [[Category:Slavery in the United States]].
  • If this Wikipedia page is about a person, you will want to have a picture for it. For adding pictures on the page, we need to upload the image first. Then, Click the “upload file” link in the menu to the left. If it is from other people’s site, we need to cite the site we get. Name the picture with a name specific and something easy to remember, don’t use a name by numbers combinations. After you upload the picture we want to use, go back to our Wikipedia edit page. The most typical picture format will be [[file:(pictue name) | thumb| (what word you want it to appear under the picture)]]. There are many ways to add pictures and different ways will make the picture appear on different place of the page. Look more on Wikipedia:Picture tutorial
  • Reminder! Don’t forget to save your page! Often click on the button “show preview” to see how it shows on a real Wikipedia page.
  • Finally, hit “Submit” to hand in your draft to Wikipedia. It needs time to check. Then, you need to just wait for the email which says whether your page has been approved or declined.
  • If there’s any thing you don’t understand or want to try some new technique, go to some Wikipedia pages that you are really familiar with. Click the edit button and see how other people did their work. This can be very helpful 🙂

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