The Collaboration of Teamwork

In last week’s class, we started our post-presentation working environment, which is to put the information to the public through Wikipedia, CT Freedom trail and various online sources. I utilized organizing skills from this learning experience. My job last week was to organize everyone’s writing on John Hooker into one document that was designed to be the Wikipedia page of John Hooker. It was challenging since we all had repeated information, and it really came in short after organizing everything into one document. I was struggling to gain more information and form a Wikipedia page like other resources, and I thought that it would be really hard. Then my teammates came into place and worked this out together with me. Coco was particularly helpful since she found John Hooker on the Charter Oak Newspaper and gave more information of John Hooker’s career. With her help, we investigated together into Hooker’s life throughout the Harriet Beecher Stowe center website and put down his birth and death dates and a picture of him. I learned teamwork from this experience. Vicky and Shannon as the Wikipedia department have paid a great effort putting all of our writing and contents on Wikipedia, we could not public the information out to the public without them, and they cannot publish it without our content. Therefore, teamwork is the best lesson I learned from this experience. For next week, I want to learn more writing skill of how to make know information more understandable for the public and how to make sentence simple and direct without losing the deep meaning and rich information in them. These are all achieved by higher level writing skills, I am looking forward to elevate the prose on the next Wikipedia page.


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