Historians Identifying Connecticut Slavery

I want to look more into an historian because the knowledge of the historian can answer a lot of unanswered questions. A historian can give us information that others would not have. Since having a first-hand experience with our investigation they can answer questions that we might have for them. Like how did slaves end up in Connecticut? How did they come across?

After doing some research trying to pull out as much information about this as possible. I have found something that can lead us into the right direction. Katherine Harris an African- American Historian has a lot of knowledge about this topic. She examines in an article about how slavery in Connecticut was legal until 1848 but people in the community had no clue. She says, “”It’s unfortunate because they don’t realize fortunes were made in this state based on slavery and the slave trade.” So people in Connecticut don’t even realize that majority of money that was first made in Connecticlogo-ctftut was from slavery.

From my online sources there are others sources that were being used like websites, books and museum programming. All of these sources were used to look into “secret” history and tell the untold stories to the public and educate people on information they have been missing out on for years. New research is constantly being added every day about this topic. There was another research on the slave ships that were used during the time period examined at the New London’s custom house Maritime museum. All of this research in different areas of the slave era in Connecticut could lead us to how slavery began in Connecticut. Another road to go down is the Connecticut Freedom Trail. From the research shows that actually, the freedom trail might also lead to stories of the Underground Railroad.


3 thoughts on “Historians Identifying Connecticut Slavery

  1. robj1313

    This post is well written bringing up a great point that we do not even think about the history of the town, and why they were making so much money. Could we reach out to this historian on twitter? To polish it up, maybe give a bit more background information on Katherine Harris.


  2. Jackson Bischoping

    This post brings up a great point when it talks about how we didn’t really realize that slavery brought in most of the income in Connecticut when it was around. Is there a way to get in touch with this historian so we can get more information or maybe even meet her? I think to polish this post you should add how the slaves were helping bring in income.


  3. katherinekalill

    I am happy that you are raising conversation about how slavery impacted the financial success in Connecticut because it is something uncomfortable and I feel it is rarely discussed. The historian that you are getting information from seems to be a very good source and we should try to tweet her or use our resources to contact her for more information on slavery. I am curious to understand more about the duties of the slaves and how they impacted the financial situation in Connecticut, so I think more research on that would be useful. I also am interested in finding more about this “secret history” that you discuss. I wonder how recently the public was informed about new history that was discovered, perhaps it may not even have made it onto the internet yet!



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