Hot Log-People of the Past

Graves Loomis’s Grave

Recently we began our research on Slaves in 1774. We as a class have found quite a few articles and sources that have yielded interesting information. I have been focusing on one article in particular, since many people are researching the others. I found a census from 1790 that listed all the slave owners in 1790 in Hartford country. This article will be very important in our search for slaves in Suffield during 1774. By using the names of the people from the 1790 census, we can find information about their friends, family, and occupations. By getting good information on the owners in 1790, it will allow us to look back further to 1774. Already I have begun using some of the names from the census and researching them. One name came up and I found an interesting fact about the man. Squire Graves Loomis was found to be working for the India trading company. This means he would travel up and down the river delivering his goods. This means he probably had his slaves help him. He was a Suffield resident and had a rather large family. By using this man I hope to find some connections to his collogues who also lived in Suffield and neighboring towns. The dock he used to transport his goods would also be very important. It would be great to find out where the dock was located and how many people used it. I believe that a field trip to find the dock would be beneficial, it would show us exactly where the dock was located and how big it was. Hopefully if I keep this up ill find a good link back to 1774. As well as Googling this list it could be helpful to find someone who knows about this man and his history. By finding a good source on him it could lead us back further and give us much more information. There are a few other people I am researching as well. These people both owned 5 slaves, one of which was Ebenezer gay. I have yet to find any real information on them, but I am sure it will surface soon. These men will give us a good insight into the lives of their slaves. By using websites that trace back ancestors and hopefully we can find names of family. This would allow us to link more and more people to create a web of important people who impacted 1774. By using this information we will be able to connect how all these men and their slaves helped and responded to the Boston tea party and freedom. This may have been a small discovery, but I believe that if we can use this source to its potential by using teamwork it could be the biggest help in solving this mystery.


4 thoughts on “Hot Log-People of the Past

  1. leakvadsheim

    I think you have found a lot of good information. It was interesting to read about Squire Graves Loomis. And I like how you want to use him to find out more. Also, I like how you want to use ”teamwork”.
    At the beginning of the blogpost you use ”we”. Maybe you should explain a bit more who “we” are?
    Also, an idea to polish the blog post can be to make your picture bigger and to have paragraphs.


    1. 17mts

      P: I love how you have great ideas for how you can move forwards in your research, but also how the class can progress in it’s research.
      Q: What other information or who else’s research help do you think would be helpful to help solve this mystery?
      P: I think organizing your layout might help polish your blog post.


  2. lucacurry

    I like the information that you have given, It looks like you are in a good position to continue on your investigation.
    I was wondering about the connection of the colleagues and what you would find if you can reach them.
    I think it would be a good idea to narrow down your information and just organize your information a little bit more.



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