The Early History of Suffield

Suffield-CT-Logo.pngThe source listed is the Suffield Connecticut Historical Society’s website:, it contains a great amount of information on the history of Suffield. The source itself is the town of Suffield’s website, in particular the history of Suffield. According to the website, Suffield was a great supporter of the Revolutionary War. This comes as no surprise, because Suffield used to be called Southfield and was a part of Massachusetts, becoming part of Connecticut in 1749. After being a part of Massachusetts for 79 years, it can be inferred that they are still partial to that state, and support their decisions. This started off with the embargo against England, and continued with sending supplies and men to fight in the war. Suffield accounted for one third of all of Connecticut’s militia. No doubt Suffield was a great part in helping the war effort in every way that they could.

This is what I have investigated so far, and I believe it would be worthwhile to further investigate if Suffield was making a good amount of money in any other ways. If Suffield were such a great supporter of the Revolutionary War, and such a rich town, were they also making profit on sending ships down to the Caribbean? In the future as a class we need to look at if they were involved in sending anything down to the Caribbean, and what was getting sent to the Caribbean. This source is a great source coming from the Suffield Historical Society’s webpage, so it will not tell us anything they are not aware of. However, it does gives us a good idea of where to start, and what to start with. Unfortunately, the source does not focus in too much on the time period that we are looking in depth into, nor does it give more of a background on slavery in the time period. Nonetheless slavery was there.




3 thoughts on “The Early History of Suffield

  1. leakvadsheim

    I think what you have researched so far is very interesting. It was very interesting to read that Suffield supported the revolutionary war.
    What skills did you use to find your information?
    Also, an idea to polish the post can be to caption the picture.


  2. 17mts

    P: I like the topic you chose. I like that it provides important information for many things that you can research from there on.
    Q: I think that what you’re planning on investigating seems interesting, but I am wondering how you’re planning to approach those subjects?
    P: I think you can polish your blog post by maybe shuffling the contents of your first paragraph because I like what you said about where you got the info from, I just do not have the info behind it.



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