Important Information about the Boston Tea Party


Boston Tea Party  (

I am currently enrolled in a Project Base Learning class. We are going to learn about what happened in Suffield, Connecticut, during 1774, specifically regarding the topics of freedom and slavery. We  created a blog to share what we learned about our town’s history. In our class, we have  13 students who explored different kinds of sub-topics related to our theme. Some people in our class researched about the myth base history of Old Ti in Suffield town. I want to research the background history about Boston Tea Party.

My topic is the background information about the Boston tea party that occurred on December,16, 1773. The Boston Tea Party was very important for our class because it was the beginning of many conversations about freedom throughout the colonies. As our class learned about Mum Bett from Sheffield, MA, who fought for her freedom, we will now turn our research goals and look into how the ideas of freedom in 1774 affected the African-American population in Suffield.  I also believe that good historians have to have a strong background information before they can conclude information. With concrete and supportive facts to their evidence, historians can write real history.

In Boston Tea Party event, I learned that colonists fought over the Tea Act of 1773 and enjoyed the financial benefits of smuggling tea. When three ships loaded with tea that belong to the East India Company entered Boston Harbour in late 1773, tensions among the residents grew and a violent protest began. Colonists dressed as Indians and threw the the company’s tea into Boston Harbour.

Boston Tea Party was the beginning of our theme, freedom. This protest inspired other colonies to support Boston when the British closed the port for punishment of the Tea Party. We will try to learn if the Boston Tea Party had an effect on the residents of Suffield. Was this an inspiration of freedom for them? This project requires many different kinds of skills. First, a skill that is required is an open mind. Then, I have to read many articles about Boston tea party and absorb a good deal information; however, I have to use maturity and wisdom to observe which information is biased and unbiased. The other skill that I have to work on is communication. Because my topic is important background information to our public presentation, I have to build a fact-based collection of information for other classmates so that their information can be trustful.


3 thoughts on “Important Information about the Boston Tea Party

  1. tannerm1516

    I appreciate your understanding of what makes a good Historian and how you are trying to apply that to your research and work. I wonder if there is any information regarding the tea party related to Suffield. I think the information regarding your research is important, but try to focus on more details about the topic rather than our class assignment.


  2. leakvadsheim

    I think your intro is very good. I think you present what the class goal is well, as well as what you are researching. To polish the blog post, maybe go more into detail of your topic. Also, what skills did you use to find the information you already have?



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