Investigating trade to Support Slavery of Throughout the Caribbean

Our project base learning class is investigating freedom and slavery in Connecticut during 1774, and in this project my goal is to investigate deeper the slave trade with the Caribbean. This topic is very broad but I am focusing on the reason of slavery throughout the Caribbean, mostly Bahamas, I hope to relate it back to Connecticut, Suffield if possible. Though my research so far and looking at fellow classmates and their findings I can correlate some of the information I have found with theirs. For example, Harry is looking into a dock in Suffield  Connecticut (where slaves where carried off the ships to the plantations or wherever they landed.)So far I have looked into 51WW1X-lsBL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_.jpga slave museum in Bahamas where Pompey who is a big slave figure and that defied the transfer order. He rallied many slaves, Pompey fled into the bushes, avoiding capture for several weeks. The group of renegade slaves later stole one of Lord Rolle’s boats and sailed for the capital of Nassau. I want to bring this all together by diving deeper into the slave movement of the Bahamas and bringing it full circle to see if any landed in Connecticut.


2 thoughts on “Investigating trade to Support Slavery of Throughout the Caribbean

  1. 17iz

    Your second hot log was very informative. You have done a good job describing the area you are researching. I feel like you being from Bahamas and living there can help you out a lot to find out more about slavery there. You might not need to get way to deep into Bahamian slavery, I suppose some general information would be enough. Otherwise great job on the post, and information found.


  2. reekoh5

    I like how you combine your hot log and show how it ties in with other people hot logs. Why were the renegade slaves headed to Nassau? To polish it i think you should add a caption to your picture



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