A Breakthrough For Our Research. What Secondary Source Will Help?

Can you please help us locate a secondary source to help us appreciate the significance of the document? The document was created in Suffield, Connecticut, in August of 1774. The town created a committee, and the committee composed these resolves and sent the document to the Committee of Correspondence in Boston. The town also sent a wagon of food to the residents of Boston. We are researching freedom and slavery during 1774 in our town of Suffield, Connecticut. Below are the resolves from the New York Public Library page.

Снимок экрана 2017-01-31 в 10.47.17 ДП.png

Resolves from NYPL page

Снимок экрана 2017-01-29 в 7.51.54 ПП.png

Transcription of Resolves, Suffield Historical Society

My class and I are trying to tell the «untold» history of Suffield, Connecticut. What happened in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party? How did it affect its citizens? What was the town’s reaction? These are the questions we hope to answer within ten weeks. There is no other choice. All thirteen of us are well equipped, stubborn and curious to find the truth.

For the past two months I was looking for specific slave’s names who were owned by other people in Suffield. The search turned out to be not so useless. It is not a big discovery that slavery was common in the eighteenth century, but I found CT Census proving that Suffield,Ma had thirty seven slaves and they were owned by wealthy people in the town, tavern owners and ministers. Owner ,John Pynchon, of the town of Suffield in 1670 had two slaves, Harry and Roco. After finding these two names, I though that was a dead end. However, we all remembered one of the most known libraries in the United States- New York Public Library. We spent solid amount of time going through different documents and books in the New York Public Library, and one day suddenly we found our holy grail, «History of Suffield in the colony and province of the Massachusetts bay. 1600-1749». Where on the twenty first page it is written in black ink that Harry and Roco were the ones who built the first ever saw-mill in Suffield, Ma and  that they got paid for their hard work, one pound. Not to mention, major’s house in Feather Streete was built partly with Harry and Roco’s help. (1)

Another great discovery was made with NYPL’s cooperation. I found three pages of a document were found written on August 1st 1774 after eight months the Boston Tea Party occurred.  (2) Alex King, the  person who these documents belonged was going from Boston through the town of Suffield. The document consists on five statements and demands of the Colonial Government to the British Parliament. The Colonial representatives want to reduce the British influence on the thirteen colonies. The document also explains the need in the Boston Tea Party. «When the Liberties and people are attacked and in danger it becomes their indisputable duty to defend…»  America is ready to take the next step and be absolutely free from the British crown.

  1. https://archive.org/stream/documentaryhisto00shel#page/22/mode/2up/search/harry+roco
  2. https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/87721580-da40-0132-1544-58d385a7b928
  3.  https://adventuresingenealogy.wordpress.com/about/

2 thoughts on “A Breakthrough For Our Research. What Secondary Source Will Help?

  1. leakvadsheim

    Hello Nadezda,

    I think your post is very good overall. You have interesting information that you present well. I especially like your intro, it is short and precise. I also like that you connect your previous research with your new findings. However, I was wondering: What do you want to research next? I also think you should give the pictures a caption. But overall – good job, I like your post a lot!


    1. riley1617

      I thought your response was very well written and interesting. It’s exciting to know that all of our stories tie together, and I can see that with your response. My question is where else could you look in order to find more discoveries? Will you go to the Suffield Public Library resolves and look at documents? Also, I think that you should remember to caption your photo and also wrap text!!
      Great job.



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