Remembering Titus Kent


Titus Kent’s name is on this memorial of soldiers that fought in the Revolution


Document on Titus Kent, taken from

In our class’ research we have been looking into Suffield Connecticut, and freedom in 1774. Most recently I have been researching Titus Kent and his background history. Titus Kent is the father of Old Ti. He was a slave to Samuel Kent, the father of Elihu Kent. Samuel promised Elihu to give him Titus after he died. While belonging to Elihu, he went off to war, fighting in the Revolution. Most likely he did this to gain his freedom; however, it is unknown if he attained his freedom from fighting in the Revolution. During the time slave owners would apply for the slave to get a pension, and this is the case with Titus Kent. His pension is filled in so that people other than himself would be able to collect his pension.

While we know that Titus fought in the Revolution, there are many more factors that we do not yet know about his situation. One of these could be the pension, and if Titus even wanted to apply for a pension? Whether or not if Titus Kent attained his freedom, and why exactly Samuel Kent had given him to Elihu Kent. I want to look further into whether or not he finally got his freedom, and his legacy in the town of Suffield.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Titus Kent

  1. 17mts

    I think that the questions you ask in your HOT log are very relevant to the topic you are researching. How could you further your research to find the answers to these questions? To polish your HOT log you could try to look more into the documents and see if you find any more information about his freedom.


  2. 17iz

    Good job on your second hot log. This theme is very important to the whole work, there is essential information that our group would need to complete our research. Looks like you are very into your topic and pretty confident with what you are doing.



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