Slavery in Connecticut

After looking deeper into the origins of slavery in Connecticut I have found out the location – town where majority of slaves were exported from. New London is a port city in the northeast of the United States. This town was used as a slave port. The biggest increase of the slave trade came in the period of 1749-1774. It was the biggest slave port of new England. Connecticut was getting one third of its slaves from New London. I think that this information is going to be extremely helpful for my part of the research, I hope to be able to track of slaves that came to Connecticut, and then Suffield from very first years and dates. This history seems very interesting to me. This was the earliest mentioning of slaves related to Connecticut that were imported from inner states.

New London people prohibited African American people to own or buy land, and go into the business without consent of the town. If African Americans were to break the law, they would get exiled from the town.533384458


3 thoughts on “Slavery in Connecticut

  1. harryhildreth

    Great article Ivan. Slavery in CT will hopefully be important for the trade as well. I hope to see you go further and find connections to the Caribbean


  2. riley1617

    This is very interesting to me because I was researching The New London Port! What is your next step to further your education on this topic? Next time, wrap your text around your photo!
    Great job.


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