Titus Kent In and After the War.

In our American Studies class, we have been researching freedom and slavery in Suffield during 1774. We continue to find people, events and places linked to both topics.

In my previous research I was looking into Old Ti and his family and heritage. Since then I was looking into his life, specifically his father fighting in the Revolutionary War along with his owner Elihu Kent. I was also looking for proof of Titus Kent fighting in the war as well as him getting his freedom and his pension.


J Kent Seeking T Kent’s Pension

In my research I found, by looking through old war documents, monuments and lists, that Titus Kent did indeed fight in the Revolutionary War along with Elihu Kent and Elihu Kent Jr. I am still uncertain whether Titus got his freedom after the war, but I found records of applications for his pension. What is interesting about these documents is that they are not filed so that Titus himself can retrieve his pension. They are filed so that other people could get his pension.

As I was looking for documents proving Titus Kent’s position in the war, I came across Ancestry.com. This website contains original documents from the war, as well as containing information about the Kent family.

This also proves that Titus Kent did indeed survive fighting in the war. As for his freedom, it doesn’t mean he necessarily got his freedom.
As I progress in my research, I intend to research what happened to Titus Kent after the war? If he gets his freedom even though he didn’t get his pension? And who Jonathan Kent is in relation to Titus?


2 thoughts on “Titus Kent In and After the War.

  1. pingvira

    1) I finished remind this article you tend to have a very good overview information and a well supported picture.
    2) In this article It have a very good background information but you barely talk about him after the war. I have a question about how will you find out about this information after the war
    3) I think you have to put more detailed information about his information after the war


  2. robj1313

    You have found a great amount of information, that is all helpful. Are there any leads on Titus Kent and whether or not he got his freedom? To polish it up maybe try to find and make sure that Jonathon Kent was alive the same time as Titus.



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