Examining Loyalists

During 1774, there was great turmoil in the colonies. There were those who supported the Sons of Liberty, those in the middle, and those who supported the British. Today, there is not an exact number of how many Loyalists there were, but there were many more then we would have believed. It can be assumed that they were the


Example of a Loyalist

wealthiest and people with the most power. Together they came up with the name “Loyalists” for themselves. In places such as Massachusetts and Virginia there were very little Loyalists, but in colonies such as New York and New Jersey, they very well could have been a majority. Loyalists would be the wealthiest men because they have benefitted the most from the Crown, and most likely have the closest ties to Britain. When things intensified, the Loyalists were treated poorly, a patriot preference was tarring and feathering.

I would like to look more in depth into the Loyalists, in particular in Connecticut. I will look into Suffield specifically, after looking at them as a whole I believe there are more in Suffield. After all they are supposed to be some of the wealthiest people, and Suffield was rich.

Source: http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h568.html


2 thoughts on “Examining Loyalists

  1. harryhildreth

    Great red Rob! It really is important to find out what side the people of Suffield sided with. This was a very split time in american Histroy and a great perspective to see things from.


  2. 17iz

    Nice work, Rob, very good information right here. I am positive that this will help with our presentation in future. Keep you work up, and dig deeper in your part of our research.



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