Dr. Warren: The Untold Hero Among the Sons of Liberty

I am currently enrolled in a Project Base Learning class. We are learning about what happened in Suffield, Connecticut, during 1774, specifically regarding the topics of freedom and slavery. We created a blog to share what we learned about our town’s history. My first topic was The Boston Tea Party. My role in the group was to find the essential background information, including where and when the event occurred and most importantly, why this is special about this event. When I dug deeper in that topic, I found that Sons of Liberty had a huge role in this events. So my second HOT Log was about the Sons of Liberty. Now, I have researched about


Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren or Dr. Warren was an American who played a huge role in early American history. He also organizes the early American Patriot in the American Revolution War. He also had a mission to do after the Boston Massacre. Warren was told in 1775 to deliver for the second time the annual speech recognition the Boston Massacre. He also one of the famous midnight ride during the American Revolution war. On April 18, 1775, Warren know that British troops were prepared to cross the Charles River and go the Lexington to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams.  Dr. Warren was dead during the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17,1775, while other While Other Sons of Liberty members such as John Hancock, Samuel Adams and John Adams summon in Philadelphia as agent to the Continental Congress. Dr. Warren was very important not only because he turned the war around but he also a very bravery man who help other Sons of Liberty




Oliver Wolcott

Oliver Wolcott was born in November 20, 1726 at Windsor, CT. Oliver was 17 years old when he enrolled at Yale College and he study medicine. Apparently, Oliver was meant to be in politics. he was elected as a member of the council of Connecticut in 1774. He took an active role in debating the independence of the Colonies and he was a signer who sing Declaration of Independence


Once I dug deeper in the roles of Sons of Liberty, I found out that The Sons of Liberty party a huge organization. Joseph Warren was an American Patriot leader and Oliver Wolcott was a Governor in Connecticut during 1796 to 1797. I will try to research more about Oliver Wolcott because he is a Sons of Liberty although I did not find a lot of information about him. Although he has a huge impact on American. I had use the research skill to find information about Joseph Warren and Oliver Wolcott. Now, I have to use the I have to use maturity and network to tweet other historian or the library where they have a solid information.



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One thought on “Dr. Warren: The Untold Hero Among the Sons of Liberty

  1. robj1313

    Ping you have a ton of great information here about specific people. Maybe describe who they were before the Revolution. To polish it up try to take out some of the space, it is very spread out.



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