What happened to Titus Kent?

During the first term of our American studies class, I have been looking into Titus Kent and his family.  I have found a good deal of information about Titus Kent’s travel to the colonies, his time in the war as well as his life after the war, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. I plan to take all of the information I have found so far in my research and determine what questions are yet to be answered. As I progress through the spring term leading up to the presentation, I plan on looking for the answers to many of these unanswered questions.

In my first HOT log I looked into how Titus Kent came to the colonies and at which port he arrived. From my research I found that he came on a Dutch ship, and these Dutch ships mostly came out of Ghana and Nigeria. Each country had its territories within the colonies, so it would be possible for me to research where the Dutch territories in the colonies were. These symbolized where the ships came from. Even if I find the Dutch territories ships did at times come into other countries ports which makes this whole search more challenging.

In my second HOT log I researched Titus Kent’s participation in the war and the aftermath. I know for sure that he did fight in the Revolutionary War, but I have yet to determine whether he did that to get


Document stating Titus Kent’s Revolutionary War status.


his freedom or for his master, Captain Elihu Kent. I found documents proving that Titus Kent’s war pension was applied for by someone else, but does that mean Titus Kent didn’t get his freedom? Or did he get his freedom, just not his pension?



One thought on “What happened to Titus Kent?

  1. reekoh5

    i like how you brought in your first two HOT Logs to tie everything in.The picture also has some good info on Titus Kent. Can we get a quote from a source for one of your details? To polish adjust the picture so it is easier to read the last paragraph.



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