We’re Writing #CTHistory & We Need Your Help

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Suffield Resolves, July 4th, 1774

We’re writing Connecticut History, and we need your help.

Between the Boston Tea Party and “the shot heard round the world” at Lexington and Concord spans the most important introductory chapter of American history that many history books passover and rush to the Declaration of Independence. Did you know that eighteen towns in Connecticut wrote Resolves to support the residents of Boston after Parliament closed the port.

Lesson plan #1: ask students to do research about your area in between the Boston Tea Party and Lexington and Concord events. Then ask them to try to read and understand the set of resovles document from your area.

Ashford, Brooklyn, East Haddam, Farmington, Glassenburry (colonial spelling), Groton, Hartford, Lyme, Middletown, New Haven, Norwich, Pomfret, Preston, Salisbury and Stonington, Suffield, Wethersfield, Windham and Woodstock. Click here to view your town’s resolves: https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/collections/boston-committee-of-correspondence-records#/?tab=navigation&roots=1:9b3ce660-d01a-0132-39b2-58d385a7b928/1:aeb447e0-d01a-0132-04d3-58d385a7b928

Can you find out more about the citizens who gathered to discuss and agree upon these results? What portion of the population in your area supported the loyalist cars in 1774? Because these conversations about human rights and freedom or pervasive throughout the colonies what effect did this spirit have on the African-American population in your hometown? Want to know the African-American population in your town, click on the Colony of Connecticut Census from 1774, pp. 484-492. Look up your town and begin investigating. https://archive.org/stream/publicrecordsofc014conn#page/492/mode/2up   

Lesson Plan #2: Did any African-Americans listed in the 1774 colony of Connecticut senses later respond to the Lexington alarm? Or did they later and list to fight not only for the Continental Army but for the freedom?  Did any fight in the American Revolution? Click here and scroll down for exact names and towns of African-American veterans.  http://libertyfunddc.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/HARTFORD-COUNTY-BACKGROUND-AFRICAN-AMERICAN-REVOLUTIONARY-WAR-RESOLUTION.pdf

This link will help you find your county and town statistics: http://libertyfunddc.com/community-support#toggle-id-3

Every town in Connecticut by law provides access to town records. What do your town records report on this issue in 1774? This could be a fun little field trip to investigate.

A class at Suffield Academy recently discovered a great deal of information about the turbulent and pivotal year of 1774. You can read more about their discoveries on this blog that you are visiting: https://caisctpbl.wordpress.com/  Their public presentation slides from an April 19th program are here: https://caisctpbl.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/slides-for-community-presentation/

Join us in planning a symposium at the Connecticut Historical Society later this spring where we share what we learned and show how he learned it. Look for a sign process soon. In the meantime, you can facilitate other primary source documents on this blog or at your local historical society to help us collaborate and write the complex Connecticut history of 1774.


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