Connecticut Population Census

Our class topic is trying to figure out what happened in Pomfret around 1774. My own topic is about the information of slaves or African-Americans in Pomfret, Connecticut at that time period. This is a big topic, and I am first mostly focusing on the statistics of the population census and comparing the numbers as the time goes on. Screenshot 2017-04-05 at 1.53.28 PM

After a few hours of researching, I found out that the number of slaves began to increase at the beginning of 1640, which is when slavery began to start. After the year of 1780, the law began to restrict slavery inside different towns in Connecticut, so the number started to decrease. In the year of 1830, there was only 95 slaves in Connecticut compared to over 7000 slaves during 1774. Slavery completely stopped at the year of 1848 in Connecticut. As I looked more closely on the 1774 census for the county of Windham, I observed that Pomfret had a total number of 65 blacks and 2241 whites. More than half of the blacks are between twenty and seventy. My next step is to look for information on a specific slave or slave owner at that time in Pomfret, Connecticut and research on him/her.



One thought on “Connecticut Population Census

  1. Nadezda

    Nice blogpost! It gives specific information and shows the decline of slavery. I also like the picture you chose.
    What is your next step?
    I would have liked to see a picture or a graph with the data.See the attachment below.

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