Pomfret, Connecticut’s Aid To Boston.

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Reverend Hunt’s Discourse

What happened in 1774 in Pomfret, Connecticut?  Did the town side with the patriots or were there loyalist sympathies?  In my research, I discovered a discourse delivered on Thanksgiving Day in 1841 at the First Congregational Church of Pomfret by its minister, Reverend Daniel Hunt. This sermon has been recorded in a book form, and in this 40-page book, Rev. Hunt talks about the history of Pomfret. The book is a wealth of knowledge about who was in Pomfret at this time in the 1770s, and it firmly states that there were many patriots in Pomfret. In the sermon, Hunt mentions a letter sent to Pomfret from Boston. The letter thanks Pomfret for sending provisions to Boston when it was under siege by the British in 1774. It is interesting that this letter also describes the conditions in Boston.

This is the letter. “GENTLEMEN:—By the hand of Mr. Elias Wells we received your generous and kind benefaction for the poor of this distressed town. We cannot enough express our gratitude for this instance of your bounty, in which you have liberally contributed to the relief of many. What you have thus lent to the Lord, we trust and pray that he will pay you again. It gives us great consolation amidst our complicated and unparalleled sufferings, that our brethren in the other colonies show [sic] such christian [sic] sympathy and true benevolence towards us. That we are greatly distressed, needs no comment. Our harbor blockaded by a fleet of ships; our foreign trade actually annihilated; thousands of poor reduced to extreme want; troops continually pouring in upon us, to insult us in this our distress, is a consideration that must excite pity in the most obdurate. However, although we thus suffer, we are willing to suffer still more, rather than give up our birthright privileges. With great regard, we are your brethren and most humble servants.” JOHN SEELEY, TIMOTHY NEWELL, SAMUEL AUSTIN, JOHN PITTS.

The letter tells you that there were a lot of patriots in Pomfret since they agreed to send aid to the people of Boston, who were under siege by the British at the time. In the book, History of Windham County Connecticut by Ellen D. Larned, I found out that one hundred and five sheep were sent to Boston as a gift.

Sources: Larned, Ellen. History of Windham County Connecticut 1760-1880. Self-contained book, Swordsmith Productions, September 2000, Pomfret, CT 06258.

Hunt, Daniel. History of Pomfret: A Discourse Delivered on the Day of Annual Thanksgiving, In the First Church in Pomfret, November 19th, 1840. Hartford: J. Holbrook, Printer. 1841.

Photo credit: https://books.google.com/books/about/HIST_OF_POMFRET.html?id=OpAYvgAACAAJ&source=kp_cover


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