#PBL Opportunity For CAIS Learners

On April 18th Suffield Academy American Studies class gave a presentation to Connecticut Historical Society during its April meeting. Students reflected on questions that were asked, and some things that did not go as smooth as we wanted them to go. Here are some of the thoughts the group shared between each other after presentation was done.

During our presentation every student knew what he or she were doing and talking about. We all have mastered our topic and new every little part of our slides. On the other side we were not very familiar with topics that did not touch our area of research – that could have resulted in a problem if someone would not show up due to any possible circumstances. Presentation was done very well, and each of us had spent good time and effort in order to finish it.

Still we had some problems with the slides on the day of presentation – I think for future it would be better to practice giving presentation at least once in the facility we are going to present it. Also to make presentation more neat I think each student needs to keep a list of websites/books he or she had used to make their slides. After everyone is done with their part, we all could compose a big bibliography of material we have used. Bibliography will help us navigate in our sources and anyone who would look at our presentation can find them useful in order to check our information, or to use it for their purposes.



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About Bill Sullivan

I am an English teacher working with great students at Suffield Academy. I also teach seniors in various project-based learning environments. Some of the #PBL topics included global issues, such as Pandemics, Climate Change, and Water; more recently I have asked students to research and identify topics important to our school community and their generation. We curate these topics with a #StudentCenteredPBL. For the past eleven years, I also created a driving question for a class to research a local history mystery and present their findings in a community program partnering with our local historical society. These topics encompass researching the lives of enslaved individuals who were contributors to the foundation of our community.

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