Suffield Academy’s Women History

Connecticut Literature Institute used to be all school boys until the school opened in 1847. The students were then divided between the Classical or English department, ending with a total of 41 girls the first term. Out of the 41 girls who studied at Suffield Academy, only 8 were not from Suffield, but from other towns nearby the school. Throughout the year 1847, more girls decided to go to Suffield Academy, and at the end of the term, there were 68 girls. On February 29, 1872, the girls building burned down completely. After this event, Suffield Academy decided to return to school to all-boys school.

This was something really impressive to learn about, because nowadays, there is a much higher number of girls who are studying at Suffield Academy, and a great part of them come from many different parts of the world,

First Year’s Women at Suffield Academy 

Driving question: After the burning of the building, why did the school decide to shut down the women’s program, and return to all-boys school?

Skills required: Contact Berksconference. Also research more about teachers or alumni that studied at Suffield Academy and might have knowledge of its women history.

1 thought on “Suffield Academy’s Women History

  1. alannahbrowne13

    I like how you started by calling the school by the original name of the Connecticut Literary Institute. You should include a sentence about how the institute changed its name to Suffield Academy because people may not know that. Your blog post has many really interesting facts and it flows nicely. What is the classical department?



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