Connecticut Women’s Organizations

Many people have heard of the big international women’s groups like the National Organization for Women. I would like to investigate women’s organizations here in Connecticut. Through my preliminary research I have come upon local chapters of the big women’s organizations. I want to know who started them and if anyone of interest joined any of these organizations. The organizations I would like to look into are: Daughters of the American Revolution, The Women’s Committee of the Council of National Defense, Connecticut Branch of the Housewives League, and Connecticut Women Suffrage Association.


Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 8.45.20 AM

Newspaper article from the Hartford Courant talking about the different Woman’s Organizations meeting and the different women who head them up.


Driving Question:

How much did women organizations do to improve the life and rights of women?

Skills Required:

Researching and precise reading of sources.


“WOMAN ORGANIZE DEFENSE COMMITTEE.” The Hartford Courant (1887-1922), Jun 02, 1917, pp. 8. ProQuest,

2 thoughts on “Connecticut Women’s Organizations

  1. carterc1718

    I really liked your image of the article on the Women Organize Defense Committee. You could polish up your post by narrowing down your research topic to just one women’s organization. My question is if you could find out if their any women organizations not just in Connecticut but possibly hear Suffield.


  2. dabullitt

    P: I really like the idea of looking at Connecticut’s specific organizations. I added that as a question on Chris’s post.
    Q: Was the Connecticut women suffrage association affiliated with any other groups?
    P: Are you sure The Women’s Committee of the Council of National Defense was a women’s rights group, what is a good source?



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