How Can The Resilience in Patagonia’s Story Help Our Real World Goals in PBL

The podcast I chose was about the founding of Patagonia. This podcast shows innovative thinking because the founder took an idea and made a unique line of products from it. It started as him making tools for climbing that were reusable and environment friendly. At one point the company was almost bankrupt, however, Yvon the founder, came up with a new mindset which made the company improve their profits. Yesterday in class, Jason talked about how customer satisfaction is a top priority and Patagonia works to make the customers happy. They make products that last for years and have a lifetime warranty on every product. The products made by Patagonia are authentic, as it was invented to help people identify a new way of exploring the world. This podcast gives many insights into how such a unique company was created and the thought process behind its most successful products.


  • How did the company get the name Patagonia?
  • What major setback did they encounter?
  • How did they comeback from this setback?
  • What is Yvon’s saying that he wrote in his book?
  • What core practice does Yvon use and how does it affect the making of the company?

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