Winter in the City that Never Sleeps

I love being in NYC during Christmas time. The cold air making my toes and hands freeze, and the smoke coming out of my breath, as the temperature drops to below freezing. As much as I love to live NYC, my favorite part about the holidays is Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center  is a place for my family and other families to go and see the lights and the decorations around and the beautiful light show shimmering at me as the sound of the delightful music enters my ears . Visiting the tree allows my family to bond over the overwhelming view of lights we see shining high above us, and despite all the people, we are actually allowed to get some awesome pictures and enjoy ourselves. It also allows us to take a breath from everything that has been going on around and take in the beauty of the city that never sleeps.

Every time I look up at the bright lights and seeing them it makes me happy and gives me hope in the world. It also shows how families and people can come together over such a small thing like a christmas tree and have the best time with their friends and families. My family and I respect our tradition and  make a memories and start a tradition of this amazing experience given to us in our very own city. Our tradition is that every year on December 22nd we go and see the tree and take pictures.

The uniqueness and diversity of the tree every year is different and has a different story; it gets cut down and decorated and takes a long time to set up. The tree reminds me a lot of people. Since there is a uniqueness and a different story behind everyone background and everyone has a story. The first tree to ever be created was in 1931 during the depression area. It was about 20 feet and was decorated with strings of cranberries, garlands of paper, and even tin cans. This occured on Christmas Eve. Then they have a set schedule of when the tree is arriving to when it is going to be lit. Every year the christmas tree lighting event has gotten bigger and bigger, and people from all over the world have come to see it and enjoy the bright lights glaring back at them.

The Rockefeller Center tree should not be removed from New York City because it brings money into the state because of the amount of people that it attracts into the city. It also brings together families and couples to enjoy the gorgeous lights of the tree and experience it first hand. Everyone enjoys this time in the city because of this tree. This tree brings people together and takes out hate in the world even if its for certain hours during the holidays. Personally, I like that i can go there with my family every year and seeing the tree. It allows my  family to have a family tradition and to have great christmas card photos, and more memories.

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