This CAIS blog curates best practices for the teaching and learning skills required to delve into the very compelling and complex history of Connecticut. The PBL challenge from 2015-16 was Connecticut’s role in the Underground Railroad. The challenge for the 2016-17 year was for PBL learners to investigate the story of freedom and slavery in each community during the pivotal year of 1774. This year’s exploration connects with the anniversary of WWI.

How can we imagine daily life in any Connecticut town during WWI? The state-wide commemorative process for the 100th anniversary of WWI provides #CAISCT students and teachers  an opportunity to investigate the local history in their area. There is also an opportunity to connect with local historical societies who are already geared up to curate information for the anniversary. Moreover, looking into home front conditions will naturally network  #CAISCT students and teachers with other Connecticut historians to discover the best historical methods to uncover more original history. So connect with us on this #CAISCT #PBL blog and start “doing history” in your community. Consider this another form of service learning if you share what you learn with your community. This year’s investigation about life one hundred years ago in your town will also help you appreciate how this global event propelled our region and nation into the modern era.

Bill Sullivan’s American Studies class, which is a winter/spring trimesters project-based learning elective to seniors, will share everything they learn about the home front in Suffield on this blog and invite other Connecticut students to do the same about their town! Let’s together create Connecticut history on this great collaborative platform (blog) and “do original” history story about this complex topic!

#PBL Mantra: Share what you learn and show how you learned it.

For more about this year’s challenge, read this blog post that asks CAIS students and teachers to investigate how their community prepared for WWI:  post: https://caisctpbl.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/what-happened-in-your-town-during-the-pivotal-year-of-1774/

Email Bill Sullivan bsullivan@suffieldacademy.org to become an author on our blog. Who can join? Any student (grades 5-12) from Connecticut or any student interested or connected in some way to this US history project. A whole class can join for a 7-14 day unit (or longer) or an individual student can research one or several topics for a project or an independent study. Sharing what we learn about Connecticut’s complex history  on the blog will help us cross-reference content, primary sources, as well as effective research methods. The essence of project-based learning is to have investigators share what they learn and show how they did it, and this public history venture (blog) will help us compose a more complete history of this regiment’s accomplishments and sacrifices. Join today!

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