Academic Blogging

Images of peer review made on interactive whiteboard.

Academic blogging is a much more modern form of the traditional English or history paper. Blogging “what we learned and how we learned it” provides #PBL students the opportunity to practice real world skills. Academic blogging also allows us to share the work that we have done with a wide audience, which includes other historians as well as museums or historical societies. This type of “academic” writing is so different from our normal school experience because usually the only person who saw our work in the past was our teacher. Moreover, academic blogging also encourages us to think about our work from the perspective of someone who works in marketing. Researching potential readers and experts for our academic topics makes us revise our written work even more and reflect on ways to make it appealing to new readers. We students find this a useful skill to practice for our future. 

Writing Tips

For support for our various writing projects, we rely on this great online source. They are a working writing center, and this site is updated well and provides great visual as well as written explanations. Enjoy!