Join This Project Today

Email Bill Sullivan to become an author on our blog. Who can join? Any student (grades 5-12) from Connecticut or any student interested or connected in some way to the Connecticut’s history of freedom and slavery during the pivotal year of 1774. Click here for more information:

A whole class can join for a 3, 7, 14 or longer day unit or an individual student can research one or several aspects of this history for a project or an independent study. Sharing what we learn about this important chapter of Connecticut’s history on the blog will help us cross-reference content, primary sources, as well as effective research methods. The essence of project-based learning is to have investigators share what they learn and show how they did it, and this public history venture will help us compose a more complete history of the pivotal year of 1774.

So, find some time and enlist your academic services to this large project. Any and all research will help us create a better narrative for this complex history.  Bill Sullivan’s American Studies class (starting 12/1/15) will be the facilitators of this service learning project and will welcome other students and teachers to collaborate at any level of commitment. In addition, we welcome other life-long learners who passionately care about Connecticut history such as local historical society members. We know that all types of life-long learners will be excellent role models for our students as well as important experts to help us with research methods for the complex and challenging research ahead.

Most importantly, join to learn more about Project-Based Learning, also printed on this blog in the Twitter language, #PBL. In fact, type #PBL into a Twitter search box and hitting enter will connect you to so many rich, original projects. Along with appreciating a new learning skill, your contributions will also help us reach into so many corners of Connecticut history. Because individuals will eventually access his/her local historical archives and connect with their town historians for help, we have the potential to tap into a “crowdsourcing” dynamic for this project and share some unique history. So please join us in researching and writing about the pivotal year in American history.