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New London

After looking into the origins of slavery in Connecticut, and finding that New London was a slave town what exported slaves into other places in Connecticut, I think that I should stay on this idea, and start digging deeper. new_london_ct_4.jpgRecently I have found that New London had 316 slaves by 1774, while Suffield’s only had 33, which brings it to roughly 10 percents of slaves in New London. Now knowing that New London was exporting slaves to Suffield, we can estimate that it was selling one tenth of their slave population to Suffield, this is a big percentage, counting on how many other towns and cities there are in Connecticut at that time. I will be researching more in that area, and start getting information from different sources, old journals etc, to find evidence to my topic.

Hot log secondary source:

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Slavery in Connecticut

After looking deeper into the origins of slavery in Connecticut I have found out the location – town where majority of slaves were exported from. New London is a port city in the northeast of the United States. This town was used as a slave port. The biggest increase of the slave trade came in the period of 1749-1774. It was the biggest slave port of new England. Connecticut was getting one third of its slaves from New London. I think that this information is going to be extremely helpful for my part of the research, I hope to be able to track of slaves that came to Connecticut, and then Suffield from very first years and dates. This history seems very interesting to me. This was the earliest mentioning of slaves related to Connecticut that were imported from inner states.

New London people prohibited African American people to own or buy land, and go into the business without consent of the town. If African Americans were to break the law, they would get exiled from the town.533384458

Slavery in Connecticut

0302002rI think that I need to find out more information about slavery in Connecticut. That will expand our group knowledge on what was going on in Suffield, and we would also will have a better understanding how slavery came and started in Connecticut. Getting hold of some historic documents and precise numbers, may be lists of slaves would be perfect, otherwise I can try getting a book by Lorenzo Johnston Greene, “The Negro in Colonial New England, 1620-1776”, this books comes up as one of the sources on the website I found a lot of information about slavery. Author (a historian) is talking about slavery in new England – where CT is located, so this will help us, as a group to find more information.

When talking about something specific – Suffield and slavery in our case, it is very important to know a bigger image of the sphere of our studies, but not to big, state wise spread would be just what we need. This source will help us hence, the author is a historian and can be trusted way more than some of the websites I can get information from. I will look online and try to find a hard copy of that book, if anyone would ever need it in class, he or she will be able to use it at anytime. We can also contrast the information that we will find on slavery in Connecticut to other states, this will show any differences, if there are any, or commons. May be some families got separated and we will be able to find where others went, besides Connecticut (Suffield). For sure this will be an interesting topic to dig into, and I am excited to start working on it as soon as possible, this is going to be something I have never done before, this research will give me some new skills – in group working, and researching material.