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Hartford Female Seminary

Would it be possible for you to help us with our research? What most people know about the Hartford Female Seminary is basic: who started it, when it started, and where it took place. However, few individual know who attended and how effective it was. Suffield Academy’s project based learning class will investigate her sister Harriet Beecher Stowe who started teaching at the school in November 1827 as her historical record might yield further information about the Hartford Female Seminary. What we want to know is whether anyone from the town of Suffield attended the Seminary and how effective it was contrasted against other existing educational institutes at the time. And realize, too, that women did no have many options.Although internet search information has not provided much content yet, we believe that we can find more information in local archives or newspapers. Suffield Academy’s archives and the Suffield Historical Society’s records will allow us to discover new leads and angles to pursue.During my preliminary research I have discovered a document about suggestions respecting improvements in education, which was published in April on 1830 at the request of Catharine E. Beecher. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment below.

Basic Information:

The Hartford Female Seminary was established by Catherine Beecher in the spring of 1823.

The first class composed of 7 students.

The Hartford Female Seminary closed towards the later half of the 19th century

The school was first hosted in a third-floor room in a building at Main and Kinsley Streets in Hartford, then in the basement of the North Church. Then 1827 it moved into a new neoclassical building at 100 Pratt Street. Harriet Beecher Stowe started teaching at the school in November 1827

Historical References:

“Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education, Presented to the Trustees of the Hartford Female Seminary, and Published at Their Request by Catharine E. Beecher”

Important Quotes:

“It is to mothers and to teachers that the world is to look for the character which is to be enstamped on each succeeding generation, for it is to them that the great business of education is almost exclusively committed. And will it not appear by examination that neither mothers nor teachers have ever been properly educated for their profession?” — Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education

“[Women] have acquired wisdom from the observation and experience of others on almost all other subjects, but the philosophy of the direction and control of the human mind has not been an object of thought to study. And thus it appears that, though it is woman’s express business to rear the body and form the mind, there is scarcely anything to which her attention has been less directed.” — Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education

“That there is a best way of teaching as well as of doing everything else cannot be disputed, and this can be no more learned by intuition than can any of the mechanical arts.” — Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education

“If all females were not only well educated themselves but were prepared to communicate in an easy manner their stores of knowledge to others; if they not only knew how to regulate their own minds, tempers, and habits but how to effect improvements in those around them, the face of society would be speedily changed.” — Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education

Further Reading:

Update 12/12/2018

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Update 1/5/19

Driving question:

After doing extensive research online about the Hartford Female Seminary, I am left with one immediate question:

Did anyone from Suffield attend it ?

To answer this question I believe I will need help from other people. In doing so I would need to further develop my networking skills and reach out to outside sources and experts who might know more about the students who attended the Hartford Female Seminary and the history of that era. Additionally I will need to refine and enhance my research skills to go beyond internet sources.