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How Can The Story of Spanx Help The World of #PBL?

My selection of the Spanx podcast as the best podcast demonstrates innovative thinking because it shows collaboration of ideas, disciple, authenticity, and creativity.  Sara, the founder of Spanx, is triggered with an idea after seeing a flaw in pantyhose, and changing them to become what is now known as spanx.  She created an authentic product, since it was original and had been all based off of her findings.  In class today, Jason discussed the growth of his company, and how it started as something average, and due to his success, he was able to use his revenue to improve his product.  This shows success, and how he may have started at an average level, but had a basic platform to work off of, and create the more advanced website that we saw in class today.  This can be compared to the story of spanx, because after seeing the potential she had, Sara worked to perfect her product, using the small income she made from her initial sales.  One of my questions asked about trial and error, and this can relate to Jason’s process as well, since every innovator experiences trial and error.  Trial and error allows for the innovator to improve something, and approach it in a different manor than they initially did. 

Image result for guy raz and sara from spanx
  • It is human nature to ask other people for approval, but what does Sara do instead of asking people their opinions on her idea?  How does this benefit her?
  • What stimulated the idea of Spanx?  How did Sara discover her invention?
  • Why is it useful that Sara kept a log of her ideas that could become something one day?
  • Why is trial and error important, and how does it ignite innovative thinking?
  • What is a story of an act of kindness Sara experienced?  How does this change her point of view of her business approach?

My Questions: