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Who ran the school for Polish Immigrants in 1905?

Polish status in Suffield and the Connecticut area was prominent around 1905 and a little before that. They came over for jobs in the mines, but quickly realized farming was going to be their best option. They used land that had been abandoned by Yankee farmers. These poles had an even higher crop yield than local Americans because of their labor-intensive efforts, and willingness to try lands that had been regarded as worthless. They established themselves on the farmlands by owning up to 89.2% of it by 1930. Success is also due to the large families who all worked hard in agriculture. From its earliest days, the community was aware of the need for education. In 1905 special tutorial schools were set up to teach English to the newly arrived Polish residents. These schools were held at night so that kids could continue to work throughout the day. I have a strong feeling these special schools were run by women. It might not have been okay for a woman to be doing that during that time. My goal in my research is to find out who ran these schools? They could have been putting themselves at risk if these schools were forbidden.