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Salem Poor, Brave War Soldier Who No One Knows About.

A drawn picture of Salem Poor.

An African American salve born in 1747, on a farm in Andover Mass, my hometown. He was born into to slavery. Owned by John Poor, where he got his name from, who gave Salem a yearly salary of 27 pounds. Before Joining the revolutionary war, Salem ended up buying his own freedom from his master. Married in 1769 and Lived in with his wife and son in Andover. But in May of 1775 Salem enlisted himself into the Military. He ended up being in Boston for most of his time, he his best remember for what he did at the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he was credited with killing the British Lieutenant James Abercrombie. Poor was enlisted till 1780 and was known to have been at Valley Forge and the Battle of the White Plains. The marriage didn’t last, and Salem ended up re marring. His second wife, Mary Twing, was a free African American. The couple ended up moving to Providence but couldn’t support themselves so had to leave the city. Salem ended up getting Married 4 times and the last time in 1801, ended up dying in 1802.