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Lost Citizens

Drafting a blog post is essential to the PBL classroom. It has taught me the value of collaboration while sharing in a supportive platform. Having the ability to express my views in an academic field that focuses on real problems. When I wrote that post on poverty I had the ability to freely express my thoughts on the global issue and relate professional’s views to my own personal experiences. With a new appreciation for an academic style mixed with a more casual style I am able to dissect the different writing techniques depending on the required platform. Blog posting is a meticulous process that requires more detail and revision than I typically undertake. When working on a platform that is available to the public or in this case our class you have to accept the fact that people are going to be analyzing it. This has allowed me to objectively look at comments instead of taking it personally. This was especially true when we first began the posts and extracting the helpful tips from the comments was difficult. I realize that most of the writing process is meant to be revisited at multiple points. Your best writing has to be workshopped and should be spread throughout days if others are able to give you advice on the topic. In my first post, I didn’t realize the importance of other’s opinions who have much more experience on the subject. This enlightened me to the fact that even the simplest writing situations are enhanced through extensive research that leads to valid opinion. Additionally, gathering the opinions of experts compiled with media makes the view of the blog vastly more credible. The class has allowed me to research and examine the different elements of poverty in a place like Connecticut which is filled with small towns containing small pockets of poverty. Researching how nearly 40% of citizens in Connecticut have felt like they would struggle to put food on the table at one point proves that there are struggling family’s in every enviroment.

Peggy Orenstein

Peggy Orenstein is an expert who explains the science behind teenage girls. She is a renowned author and a ted talk speaker who has written numerous books on teenage girls. Some of her books in the field such as cinderella ate my daughter are considered very influential for those trying to understand their daughters. in screenagers she attempts to explain how sensitive and vulnerable teenage girls are at this time while having to deal with unreasonable expectations and standards. She is used to describe the effect of screens on teenagers from a feminist point of view that wants to eliminate some of the consistent problems women encounter that are exacerbated by screens. She is widely considered a premium speaker for women and girls while using a scientific point of view to describe these issues.

solving poverty at home and abroad.

Society is struggling to find the required energy to completely eliminate the seemingly insurmountable issue of poverty. While this problem is being eliminated slowly year after year, poverty still strikes in familiar places. At the drop of a hat someone’s life can take a drastic turn leaving them jobless with a bleak future. we need to find solutions to improve the future of those who recently fell upon these hard times. These problems can seem so distant to so many that we aren’t able to be filled with the same motivation and compassion as seen with other issues. This global problem needs awareness about the often misleading impressions regarding those in poverty or low income. We aren’t able to give the aid that is needed which can make a difference in supporting and saving someone’s life. Being personally affected draws one closer to the case, but sadly for those with the most this is often not the case as they are removed from the situation. These people also have the largest ability to impact the lives of these people as they can provide them with a job opportunity or money that doesn’t impact their lives as much as the middle class man. The eventual solution to this issue lies in not only solving the global issue but the local one as well. This is the most important element for our generation as we strive to look in the local knocks and crannies of even the smallest town and find those who have been stricken down and lift them up. The potential of a career and life in the middle class is open to everyone but finding the right opportunities can be difficult and unclear for many. By raising awareness for the murky path to success we can sooner clear the way and find the way to feeding those who can hardly find the meals needed to live. We don’t consider small fairly wealthy towns to have the issue of poverty but these places can often be hardest for those at or approaching the poverty level as they aren’t afforded the same luxuries as other towns.