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Spanx, The Best Podcast For PBL

I believe “Spanx” is one of the best Podcast that demonstrates innovative thinking because it is a true success story of a completely normal person coming up with an amazing idea and becoming someone we still talk about today. Sara, the woman who came up with the idea first did not tell anyone of her idea because she was scared someone was going to take her idea. She got this idea from the original idea of pantyhose. Yesterday in class, Jason talked about how trial and error is so important and Sara used trial and error in order to learn from her mistakes and used innovative thinking to create the best possible result. Jason also talked about how collaboration, with other people to see multiple perspectives, is extremely important when starting something new and Sara went to a cocktail party and got some crucial information that would help her to come. She was told that business means war and it encouraged her to approach her business in a much different way instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happen, which changed the path of her creation for the better. 


  • How was trial and error important in this specific case?
  • Do you think it was helpful that Sara kept a log of all of her ideas throughout her life?
  • What does Sara do instead of asking people for their approval?
  • How did Sarah originally come up with the idea of Spanx, what started this whole process?
  • Sara experienced an act of kindness that she explained over her podcast why does this completely change your point of view?