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Composting Survey

We are creating a survey in order to understand how effective our compost education campaign will be. Our PBL class is creating stickers, napkins, and posters about how to compost and how it helps Suffield and the world. The goal of this project is to educate the Suffield community and inspire people to care more about the environment. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the project, we need to create a survey and have students take it before and after our education campaign. To create a successful survey, students are selected and surveyed randomly. After our campaign, another randomly selected group of students will be surveyed. With a large enough sample size, we will be able to tell if we completed our goal of educating the Suffield academy community.

Below are the questions used in the survey.

How important do you think composting is to the environment? 

Not important    Slightly important    Moderately important    Very important    Extremely Important

Are you willing to compost regularly?

Definitely    Probably not    Possibly    Probably    Definitely

How much do you like the idea of having a green bucket on a dining table?

Strongly disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly Agree

How much do you think you know about what happens to the food after it is put in the bucket?

Definitely    Probably not    Possibly    Probably    Definitely

How often do you compost outside of the dining hall?

Never   Rarely    Sometimes    Often    Always

Can you compost this? (Choose the correct answer)

Banana peels               YES    NO

Milk Cartons               YES    NO

Plastic Wraps              YES    NO

Cupcake Wrappers     YES    NO

Paper Napkins             YES    NO

Oil                                 YES    NO

Joe Gebbia’s Airbnb: How he made it work despite all the doubts

Joe Gebbia, co-founder and chief product officer of Airbnb

Every startup faces a fair amount of obstacles and disapproval. However, few can compare to Joe Gebbia’s Airbnb. Called off by one of the biggest names in the fields such as Bill Gates to “not work”, Gebbia turns the disapproval of others to the company’s fuel to make it better. In this podcast, Gebbia also explains the habits which he considers useful to his company, whether entrepreneurship is an inherent trait, and some common advice – all within 17 minutes.


  • (Podcast Time: 5:10) One of the founders mentioned the disapproval of others to be his “fuel” to do something. How has his mindset and attitude affected the creation and development of his company? How does this show the iterative culture of #PennPBL?
  • (Podcast Time 7:00) Here the founder discusses his habit of collecting old proof books from the junkyard, turning them into valuable products, and selling them online. How do you think his habit has contributed to the advances of his company?
  • (Podcast Time 9:10) The founder here gives an advice he has heard during his time doing a startup: “In a startup, don’t die.” Relate this to the events that happened which was mentioned in the podcast. To what extent do you think this statement is true?
  • (Podcast Time 11:00) The founder states that being an entrepreneur is not an “inherent trait,” and it can be learned. Explain your thinking about this statement. Also, he states an experience of his own which shows this quality. How important do you think that quality is in being an entrepreneur?
  • What is the most important, useful, or interesting insight you have gained from this episode of the podcast?