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Joe Gebbia, Entreprenereal Mastermind #PBL

Joe Gebbia, 2017 VOICE, BoF’s Annual gathering

Joe Gebbia founder and CEO of AirBnB has shown great resilience throughout the entrepreneurial process, his seemingly “crazy” idea was presented to 100s of investors and turned down by all, yet today AirBnB is a common app and system we all use. Joe Gebbia has made an idea into a way of living thorough the world, it is no longer odd to pay to stay in someone’s bedroom in Key West Florida for a few nights. Joe Gebbia has built an entire lifestyle and company of the idea of staying at another person’s house.

A Few Questions….

  1. How and why do investors trust such a “crazy” idea such as AirBnB was?
  2. How do you go against the judgement of people who you know are smarter than you and more established in the world of business and marketing?
  3. How did you know when to succumb to failure and realize when an idea was not working?
  4. What type of strengths do you need to be an entrepreneur?
  5. How do you act out of being uncomfortable in a situation environment?