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Suffield Elm Sign

Researching the Austin Tavern, the class discovered that Mary Austin Seymour was an important and powerful woman here in Suffield; as a widow she owned a tavern in Suffield. Members of the Austin family would later go on to found the city of Austin in the new country of Texas. This member being Stephen F. Austin. Even though Stephen Austin was not from Suffield he was a part of the prominent Austin family. Texas had just fought for their independence from Mexico and became its own country. The Austin family was also a very prominent town here in Suffield with many buildings in the historical part of Suffield being houses that they built in the late 1700s and early 1800s. In colonial times the tavern was an important part of the community. The tavern was usually used as a meeting ground for organizations in and around the town. George Washington visited this tavern in the late 1700s, George Washington hitched his horse on an elm tree directly across the road from the tavern. This elm would be later named Washington’s Elm in tribute to Washington’s horse. But the reason for Washington’s visit was not mentioned in anyway. To commemorate this famous woman and this famous family of Suffield, a sign needs to be erected in the spot of the Washington Elm. This sign would describe the impact that Mary Austin made on the community of Suffield and the impact the Austin family in general had on Suffield and the whole of the United States.

The Colonial Tavern

During colonial times the tavern was a very important part of society. Everything happened there, travelers stayed the night, people had drinks, there were songs, meetings and food. The tavern was the meeting house for societies that didn’t yet have an official place to meet. The tavern was also a way of people exchanging information as well. News during this time was usually shared and passed on through taverns. George Washington visited a tavern here in Suffield and probably visited anymore on his journeys through America. Also a lot of people drank alcohol during that day because there were no known issues with it and also it kept people warm in the winter. Taverns like the Austin Tavern here in Suffield was very important to the people of the town. News from different colonies spread in taverns. Gossip happened over food all the time. For example, the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston in which the Boston Tea Party was planned and plotted over a couple of drinks. Also one tavern is said to be the birthplace of the American marine corps.


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The Austin Tavern in Suffield

Connecticut Women’s Organizations

Many people have heard of the big international women’s groups like the National Organization for Women. I would like to investigate women’s organizations here in Connecticut. Through my preliminary research I have come upon local chapters of the big women’s organizations. I want to know who started them and if anyone of interest joined any of these organizations. The organizations I would like to look into are: Daughters of the American Revolution, The Women’s Committee of the Council of National Defense, Connecticut Branch of the Housewives League, and Connecticut Women Suffrage Association.


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Newspaper article from the Hartford Courant talking about the different Woman’s Organizations meeting and the different women who head them up.


Driving Question:

How much did women organizations do to improve the life and rights of women?

Skills Required:

Researching and precise reading of sources.


“WOMAN ORGANIZE DEFENSE COMMITTEE.” The Hartford Courant (1887-1922), Jun 02, 1917, pp. 8. ProQuest,